Your e-reader
just got an email address!

  • Subscribe it to news
  • Send books as attachments
  • Mix with Instapaper, IFTTT, uKeeper


Four steps to start:

  1. Register for free. No email verification needed
  2. After registering you'll get the email address for your e-reader, like:
  3. Go to Options for your account and download sync client. Copy it to your kobo device.
  4. Just drop email message from your registered email address to e-reader address ( Sync on device happens when Wi-Fi is connected.

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Easy Rules

When message is received for your e-reader, we'll try to put all useful information from it to device. Such rules apply for email to epub transformations:

  • Email has non-image attachment(s):
    Only attachment(s) is synced to device
  • Email has image(s) as attachment:
    Whole email is converted to epub
  • Email has no attachment(s), but links to images:
    Images are downloaded and whole email is converted to epub

Try with

Some services you might find useful:

IFTTT - if this then that
uKeeper - from link to full page


We are just people who like to read. E-Readers is wonderful technology, but they lack of easy synchronization.

Your comments are always welcome at: